Hindi Tv Serial Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV

Kundali bhagya is a Hindi television serial. It premiered on 12 July 2017 on Zee TV. It is a new version of Kumkum Bhagya. The star cast includes Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Manit Joura, Abhishek Kapur, Anjum Fakih, Sanjay Gagnani, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Supriya Shukla and Madhu Raja. The director is Abhishek Kumar R. The story of the show is written by Kavita Nagpal and Anil Nagpal. The creative director is Mukta Ghod. The total episodes are 574. This serial has the largest Hindi fiction launch from the GEC report of 2017. Special appearance of Varun Dhawan, Jitendra, Pranav Mishra, Karan vohra, Vivek Dahia, Ravi Dubey, Dipika Kakkar, and Siddharth Nigam, Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra. This show aired in Indonesia, Canada, US, UK, Shri Lanka, Singapore, Ghana, South Africa, Malaysia on Zee Tv World Wide. The Running time of the serial is 21 minutes. The story of the serial revolves around two sisters named, Preetha and Sristhi with three attempts to reunite with their mother Sarla and their known family of 'Luthras'. Rishabh Luthra is the elder son of the Luthra family who owns a celebrity management firm, which pays for the Rockstar Abhishek Mehra along with his brother Karan Luthra’s cricket career. Karan is a popular personality with swag and personality charm. Preetha is a physiotherapist and goes to the Luthra Family. Karan and Preetha fights at first but later they get attracted towards each other and becomes friends. On the other side Sristhi conflicts with Sameer at first. But, later they confess their love for each other. Srishti takes the task of an event manager and gives up her interest and passion of modelling at Luthra's house where she is hired for organizing the functions that takes place in Luthra’s house.

Kareena Luthra, aunt of Rishabh and Karan loathes the two sisters, seeing them weak and unable to stand for themselves. During her daughter's engagement she plots a theft of jewelry and then blames Preetha for that. Rishabh tries hard and, finds the jewelry which makes Preetha innocent of the theft. Karan saves her from a group of bad guys who teased her, Karan becomes an elite figure in the eyes of Preetha and her mother. All the people of Preetha's family wants her to marry Karan as he is so protective and cares a lot for her.