Hindi Tv Serial Kundali

Kundali Hindi Tv serials on Metro gold
Kundali is a traditional soap opera which has become very popular for the excellent character description and story. The serial became very popular that it has many repeats after its first telecast in Metro Gold in 2002 on every Tuesday 8.30 pm. Serial was taken by Star plus after Metro Gold was closed and played from the beginning. It re-aired in TV Asia in USA every Friday at 8 pm. The relationship of sisters was nicely shown and the acting of the two sisters is impressive. The story revolves around two sisters Aarti played by Nivedita Bhattacharya and Vidhi played by Prachi Shah. Their parent wanted to get them married to only those who’s Kundali (horoscope) is perfectly matched.

Aarti is elder sister and shown as very responsible, matured and Vidhi younger sister as childish, reckless. Due to their parents desire to marry those who have perfect horoscope, Aarthi gets married to whom Vidhi loves and Vidhi gets married to whom Aarthi loves leaving an uncomfortable state. Rest of the story has circumstances to overcome many challenges which intimidate their lives of four. Serial is produced by famous production house Balaji Telefilms directed by Ekta kapoor and run through 52 seasons. Writors of the serial Prashant Bhatt and Anjana Sood have wonderfully depicted the characters of Aarti and Vidhi so as acted by the stars with their convincing performance.