Hindi Tv Serial Kulvaddhu

Kulvaddhu Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Kulvaddhu is a typical serial in Hindi with a story line which we don’t find in daily routine. Woven into image of reverence, depicting the traditions of Rajasthan, the story is about an ordinary girl Niyati hailed from Jodhpur to become widow of Thakur’s from Rajasthan. Surprising part lies in her marriage which is revealed at later part. Telecasted in Sony Entertainment Television in 2006 and ran for four months. The serial shot at Jodhpur, Rajasthan and Mumbai, produced by Maverick Productions and directed by Ashish Patil Ashish Patel is currently the Business and Creativ >> Read More... .

The story is about a young women, Niyati who’s fortune brings her to the junction of holding the supremacy of the Rathore family as she is forced to marry the only successor of the Rathod family and the widowed Bahu of their only son and heir Shourya, while in actual reality she was not married legally to him. Situations then succeed such that Niyati knows that she cannot reveal the truth to the family and determines to sustain the family’s esteem. Niyati’s fate thereafter is the rest of the story. The place where the entire serial mainly revolves is “Rathore Mahal” and the people how much modern they are still known for their values and traditions. An exceptional showcase of the mix of ethics and traditions of Rajasthan are seen in the serial. Kulvaddhu aired for 52 episodes.