Hindi Tv Serial Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS

This is a musical tv series which is aired on Star Plus and, is also available on Hotstar. It is from the 4 Lions Films production and, is the 15th series of the house. This show is a remake of a Bengali opera, Potol Kumar Gaanwala. This Bengali show was aired on Star Jalsha.

The story revolves around Kullfi and, her musical adventures to be united with her dad. She was born to Nimratand, Sikandar Singh, but her father did not know about her existence and, he left Nimrat for his career in music. Nimrat and, Kullfi then lived in a village of Pathankot and, Kullfi inherited her father’s genes. Meanwhile, Sikander marries Loveleen who had a spoilt girl.

Nimrat lived with her brother Sattuand, Nihalo, Nihalo was very bothered by them, but let them stay to use Kullfi’s talent. One day Nimrat discovers that she has cancer and, gets hit by Loveleens’s car and, dies. Nihalo then plans on selling Kullfi for her voice, but Sattu helps her escape the evil plan dressed as a boy.

Later, Kullfi reaches Sikander’s house and, encounters Loveleen who keeps her to train Amyra, her daughter. There is an argument between Sikander and, Loveleen where Sikander learns that Nimrat was pregnant with his child, buthe swore to Loveleen that he wouldn’t go search for that child. Meanwhile, Mahinder, Sikander’s brother, found out that Kullfi is his child, but keeps mum for Loveleen’s sake. There are many events where Kullfi is separated from her father and, the story goes on this way.

Another Version Story:

Kullfi kumarr bajewala is an Indian drama series that is premiered on 19 March 2018 on star plus. The show is produced by Gul Khan, Karishma Jain, Nilanjana Purkayassthaamd and directed by Pradeep Yadav. The star cast of the show includes Aakriti Sharma, Mohit Malik, Anjali Anand, Myra Singh, Vishal Aditya Singh, and Shruti Sharma. The serial is the remake of Bengali serial named as, Potol Kumar Gaanwala. The serial of the story focuses around the journey of a young singing girl named, kulfi who faces all the hardships to unite with her father, Sikandar Singh Gill.

Sikandar falls in love with a village girl, Nimrat and marries her secretly. When the choice comes between choosing his career and Nimrat, he chooses his career and marries a rich girl named, Loveleen. Later, Kulfi is born who is a born singer. Unaware of the fact that Nimrat is pregnant, he leaves her. The total number of episodes is 385.