Hindi Tv Serial Kudkudiya House No 43

Kudkudiya House No 43 Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Kudkudiya House No. 43 belongs to the comedy genre. JD Majethia and Aatish Kapadia produced the show under the banner ‘Hats Off Productions’. Aatish Kapadia was also the writer for the show. The cast of the show included Siddharth Randheria, Dilip Joshi, Dimple Shah, and Nimisha Vakharia. Sony Entertainment Television telecasted the show. It binds story of three generations into one superb comedy chat show ranging from an enterprising grandmother to an Orthodox father and a conservative homemaker to a son who is Bollywood aspirant.

The show was previously named as Batiwala House No. 43. The show features a riotous Gujarati family comprising of four members hailing from some region of Rajkot. They are very down to earth people and belong to a middle-class family. They come to Mumbai as their son has a dream to become an actor. The show has a different variety of characters. The father, Bhanushankar Kudkudiya, is 50 years old and a complete bore personality. He is very chauvinistic fanatic, and his world revolves around his Farsan Shop. He considers his son as his property which his son, Hitesh, detests the most about him.

Hitesh has a dream to become a film star someday, and that is the reason that the whole family has shifted to Mumbai. But, still, his family interfere in his personal matters a lot which is why the small roles which he managed to get are also snatched away from him. His only rescue his grandmother, Dayaben, who at such an old age is still very young at heart and manages to keep track of all the happenings of tinsel town, while her daughter-in-law is diametrically opposite to her. Her daughter-in-law is boring and too much innocent which is at the height of stupidity. She has no idea about anything except her house and kitchen.

Since, Hitesh is not able to do anything much in the film industry, Dadi suggests to start a chat show in their house’s backyard as it will Hitesh’s deep-rooted ambition will be nursed and if celebrities will walk into the house every week so may be Hitesh can get a dream role someday. The father and son are always at riot as they don’t have common thoughts. Also, they suffer a culture show as they come to Mumbai from a very small regional area. Different actors were called upon the sets, and they were questioned about their personal as well as professional life.

The first guest to grace the set was Madhavan. The show was simply hilarious. It managed to attract a lot of audience in very short span of time. The family members and their difference made the show more interesting. It was one of the best comedy shows.