Hindi Tv Serial Kuchh Love Kuchh Masti

Kuchh Love Kuchh Masti Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one
Loosely based on the American television show ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Kuchh Love Kuchh Masti’ was a show with a bold concept. It was aired on Sahara One, at 10 pm. It was later shifted to the 11:30 pm slot.


‘Kuchh Love Kuchh Masti’ dealt with three single women who lived together and the complications of their love lives. Pooja, Vartika and Neena are three independent young women who face complexities with men. Vartika falls in love with a married man and hence is unable to ask him to marry her. Pooja shares romantic feelings for two men at the same time since he finds different admirable qualities in both. Neena has chosen a man much older to him since she finds men of her age to be immature and insensitive.


Madhuri Bhattacharya- Starting off as an actress in Kannada films, Madhuri made appearances in some music videos as well. She also acted in a few Bollywood films and in performed in an item number for a film. Her character in KLKM was named Pooja.

Sonika Anand- She played the character of Vartika in KLKM.

Sunaina Gulia- An Indian television actress, Sunaina plays Neena in KLKM. She had also played the character of ‘Dr. Anjali Gupta’ in ‘Dil Mil Gaye’, aired on Star One.


Though the very theme of ‘Kuchh Love Kuchh Masti’ says that it is inspired, if not copied from ‘Sex and the City’, producer Girish Mallick denied it in various interviews. He said the theme might be incidentally similar but they are completely different. According to him, the American show had a lot to do with sex while KLKM focusses on the relationships and the emotional aspect more. The show was shifted to the 11:30 pm slot a few months after its going on air and was replaced by ‘ Kamini Damini’ at 10 pm. It is obvious that this was owing to the bold concept of the show. The show going off air was also rumoured to be associated with this issue with its concept. Though media suggested that the Indian television audience was not ready to accept these kind of issues, Mallick said that he had received appreciation for his choice of subject matter.