Hindi Tv Serial Kuch Dil Ne Kaha

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Kuch Dil Ne Kaha is a Hindi television fiction show. It is made in the drama genre. The story of the show is quite simple, yet very interesting and sophisticated. It revolves around a nuclear family consisting of Kabir, Savera, and Shaista. Kabir and Savera are married to each other and have two grown-up sons. Shaista is the sister of Savera. Savera longs for attention by Kabir. He has abandoned her and does not values her now in his life. He treats her as a useless creature who is just a burden on him. Savera feels very bad about the relation she and her husband shares.

He wants Kabir to behave like she used to did the earlier days of their marriage. She has a brother who lives in London and suddenly falls ill. He asks her to come to London if she can so that he can get some help. She decides to approve his request and packs her bags to leave for London. While leaving, she asks Shaista to take care of the house and her family. Shaista does the same and tries her best to keep the family happy. While doing so, she and Kabir started interacting a lot and comes close to each other.

Later, they realize that they both have feelings for each other. Savera, on the other hand, is completely unaware of the affair between Kabir and Shaista. While returning to India from London, Savera's flight faces some technical problems in Bangkok and is delayed by three days. She meets a man named Ahsan at the airport who is also troubled by the delay of the flight. Ahsan belongs from a Muslim family based in India and is on the way to meet his family.

Savera and Ahsan shared a lot of common things, and they also develop feelings for each other. However, Savera restraints herself from moving a step further. She decides to be loyal to her family. When she returns to India, she is unaware of the things that have already taken place in the family. It is enough to change her entire life. Also, she still keeps thinking of Ahsan, the man she met at the airport. Later, after a series of events, Kabir gets to know about her attraction towards another man.

This erupts a lot of problems in the family, and their situation gets worse. The serial is knit around these points to entertain the audience. It was originally aired in the year 2006, and it is still currently airing. It is being broadcasted on the channel Geo Tv network. It featured actors like Bushra Ansari, Javed Sheikh, Maria Wasti, and Nouman Sood in the lead roles in the serial. The show has an average rating and received mixed reviews from the aud