Hindi Tv Serial Krishnaben Khakhrawala

Krishnaben Khakhrawala Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Krishnaben Khakrawala was a comic TV series that aired on Sony TV. It ran from 29th November 2010 to 29th September 2011. Neela Telefilms were the producers of the show. In the past, they have delivered other hits like Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Krishnaben Khakhrawala's story revolves around the life of Krishnaben and her khakras, which she sold for a living. Krishnaben is a much loved and respected lady in her society. Her 45-year-old persona is an inspiration for ordinary people. The entire region applauds her for her hard work, energy, and her dedication to her children. She has an acute sense of business as well which helped her grow her business. She has seen various ups and downs through her life. But she has taken them all in her stride and grown to where she is today.

Ravi, Krishnaben’s husband, died after twelve years of matrimony. Krishnaben raised her three young sons Ilesh, Nilay, Uday, and her daughter, Divya, single-handedly. She is the epitome of facing life head on and doing so with positive spirit. She is a doting mother and cares about her fellow people a lot. She is replete with a powerful set of principles, strong willpower, and positive thinking. In spite of being a widow, she dresses up regularly for her children’s sake. The kids also love and respect her a lot. They know the kind of hardships she has gone through to raise them. They thus want her to take time off and relax with them instead of selling snacks. Krishnaben respects the thought and gives in to her children’s demand. She had sacrificed a lot for her children. Her sweat and blood ensured that they grow up to be successful people with good values. Krishnaben Khakhrawala, thus, is the story of a woman who struggled and faced challenges. She didn’t let her husband’s death deter her and brought up her children to the best of her abilities.

She has seen many shades of joy and sorrrows throughout her life but took it all in her stride. She has made herself whatever she has become today. Her khakhras are famous throughout the city, and everyone respects her around the place. Her loving, caring, and hardworking nature is well known to everyone. She is someone who gets along well with others and also helps out those in need. She doesn’t back away from challenges and deals with tough problems on her way. Krishnaben is a humble person in spite of being a strong lady herself. She is a traditional Indian woman but has a modern outlook. She is someone with a strong set of principles but recognizes the changing face of modern times.