Hindi Tv Serial Kittie Party

Kittie Party Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

The serial is based on the lives of eight women who get togetherand party together in their social meeting ground called 'Kittie Party' every month and share their life moments with each other. The story goes through the lives of these 8 women: Manju (Poonam Dhillon), Rewa (Kavita Kapoor), Vidya (Maya Alagh), Nilofer (Preeti Dayal), Tina (Shweta Salve), Pixie (Achint Kaur), Kuku (Deepshikha), and Natasha and explores their individual lives through these meetings - their hopes, disappointments, happiness and ambitions. Each woman's character is reflected clearly through her interaction with others as well as through what she projects at these particular meetings.

The story takes so many rides as the secrets of these women are revealed on these meetings. The women in this serial are very modern and not in sarees and other traditional wears. Every personality has its different character. Poonam Dhillon has played a perfect role in the serial as Manju as she is fine actress since 1979. Deepshikha is a famous personality in Indian Television and Achint kaur experienced actress in television and shweta salve a dancing star and beautiful actress has made the serial worth watching. The serial has 436 episodes in total and was started in 2002.