Hindi Tv Serial Kisko milega Cash

Kisko milega Cash Hindi Tv serials on Star one

Kisko Milega Cash is a game show broadcast on Star One Monday to Thursday at 10 PM with 26 episodes. The show is hosted by Vinod Sherawat.

Kisko Milega Cash is a game show created by Star one. On the show, There are three judges in which two of the judges are constant and the  third judge will be a celebrity judge in every episode. In this show Prize money was rewarded for people who are in actual need of it. There were three contestants in every episode and participant get a 60 second time to tell their dreams, necessity and need for money. Then judges start questioning contestant and cross-examine by their neighbours, relatives and friends.

Each episode involved Debates, argument and cross question. Every Thursday Participants has given performance. The winner of each episode gets a prize money of Five Lakhs. There were two lines to each SMS. One would be for voting and the other line would be for the people who would want to donate to help a particular participant fulfil his desires or necessities even if he may not be the winner.

It was decided by the channel if the first season of Kisko Milega Cash would be successful they will be produced for the second season. The show had a good concept but didn’t manage to get an audience.