Hindi Tv Serial Khotey Sikkey

Khotey Sikkey Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Khotey Sikke is a crime series broadcast on Sony Tv in 2011 with 26 episodes. Produced by Aditya Chopra, Directed by Siddharth Anand. Lead roles Played by Vikas Kumar (Senior Inspector Damodar Deshmukh), Hasan Zaidi (Mohit Kishenchandani) ,Mark Farokh Parakh (Ayush Khetarpal), Puru Chibber (Hameer Rizvi) , Sukhmani Sadana (Uttara Bakshi), Dilkush Reporter (Dilnaz Shroff).

The story start with showing different crime scenes done by youths happening in Mumbai and the cops are unable to fight and deal with it as they cannot understand why the youth are doing this and how to handle them, this lead Senior Inspector Damodar Deshmukh to think differently and he managed to get away when five young criminals caught in lockup. . Haemer Rizvi is a gambler, Uttara Bakshi a rough and rude girl, Mohit Kishenchandani who is a complete alcoholic, and a street car racer with a lot of anger within him, his girlfriend is in, Ayush Khetarpal a computer hacker and Dilnaaz Shroff a drug addict, Deshmukh convinced them to help him in solving the crime made by youngster as they will understand very well their mentality, In starting they resist but finally agrees and then the story of run and catch begins. The Khotey sick is about these five youngsters who was doing and involved in crime, they were spoiled, but with a good guidance of Inspector Deshmukh they give a new shape to their lives.

Although the serial had a new concept but did not get appreciation from the audience and had a low TRP rate. The show was called off very soon.