Hindi Tv Serial Khauff Begins... Ringa Ringa Roses

Khauff Begins... Ringa Ringa Roses Hindi Tv serials on Life ok

This is a very out of the ordinary story as it’s an action and horror show. Life OK used to broadcast the serial. Normal things and paranormal things- we have always showed interest about all these. Sometimes very unnatural things occur and we get astonished. This plot is also about the difference between normal and abnormal or paranormal.

The serial starts with a girl and her imagination. Her name is Maitri. She has faith in her father. She thinks him to be a great superhero. In her dreams, he bravely tackles ghosts all the time.
Anitha and Karan die. BD becomes upset. He feels very worried about Maitri.

The show was not going so well. Its TRP wasn’t very pleasant. So the show took a season break for a long time. Many people suspect that this show isn’t going to run ever again. But the makers of the serial wanted to make a good position for the serial and they take a recess and chance to make the serial once again with a fresh start as season two.The viewers seem to not that enjoy the program much because of its mismatching theory of horror. It could be more successful. But it didn’t for its wrong strategy. (November 30, 2013 – January 18, 2014)

Another Version Of This Story:

This show is a 2013 Indian, Hindi action, horror and thriller serial, produced by Majid Azam and Somersault Productions jointly. Starring 'Samir Soni' and Roshni Walia as and in, the principal characters of the head of the paranormal investigative team P.R.A.I.D. and his daughter respectively, this supernatural show premiered on channel Life OK on 30th November 2013 replacing Shakuntalam Telefilm's Rakshak, which went off air on 24th November 2013. Directed by Maqbool Khan, Govind Agrawal, and Kalla Kunjan, the story centers around a teenage girl, Maitri, who thinks of her father is a superhero, who can fight ghosts and how she managed when unknown forces threatened her life. She fights to protect her from the dark forces.

Apart from blurring the lines between normal and the paranormal, the series also lay a special importance on the father- daughter relationship. This was the channel's second venture into horror genre after its first outing Ek Thi Naayka. In his fight with the dark force, JD is assisted by his P.R.A.I.D. team which consists of Research Specialist Jaffar played by 'Manoj Verma', and Data Analyst Shubhu played by Rishabh Chaddha and an intern Maria played by Abigail Jain. The show had its theme track composed by the Pune-based rock band Agnee. In the very first episode we are introduced to Sameer Soni's character JD, who is the Head Investigator of the Paranormal Research and Investigation Department (PRAID) and how JD and his team begins investigating the murder of a girl named Seema and the episode showed how they learned about her body being possessed by another small girl whose name is Roohi.

They also investigate how she now possess a danger to JD's closest associate which is, in fact, his own daughter. It is to be noted that prior to the serial's telecast Samir described his character as his most intense, multi-layered character. However, the show which had competition from Zee Tv's Fear Files and Sony's Bhoot Aaya didn't quite manage to garner good ratings. The show's ending was marked with confusion what with some claiming it was on season break while some insisted that the show was a finite one and had met its natural end. However, most believe that it was the result of poor ratings. There was a lot of buzz about the show returning for a season 2, but no such announcement was ever officially made or has materialized. The show was aired for 16 episodes; it's last episode being aired on 18th January 2014. The show was telecasted on weekends, every Saturday and Sunday at 11 pm slot.