Hindi Tv Serial Khandan

Khandan Hindi Tv serials on Doordarshan

Khandan, an Indian Television drama was telecasted on the Doordarshan channel in the year of 1985. It is the story about the rich business class society and how they maintain their standards in the society. The two famous faces Neena Gupta and Mohan Bhandari rose to popularity with this serial. Shridhar Kshirsagar was the director of the series.

the serial created a new phenomenon with its telecast as it was the only serial which became very famous after ‘Hum Log’ and ‘Buniyaad’. Harish Bhimani was the narrator of the serial who had a unique baritone voice ‘Badalte Rishton Ki Anokhi Dastan’ which generally spoke about a business family in Mumbai.

The families comprised of rebellious and spoilt children and cheating, adulterous husbands, which protrayed that money and being rich creates these problems in the society very quickly. Vivek Vaswani, Shernaz Patel, Dr.Shreeram Lagoo, Sujata Mehta were also included in the main casting.

Sujata Mehta is a very beautiful actress who has acted in movies too. Neena Gupta played the role of a wealthy business tycoon who used to get her contracts by her cheating philosophy.