Hindi Tv Serial Khaki

Khaki Hindi Tv serials
Khaki is the color of the uniform of Indian Police Force and aptly title this TV series was about how the Indian Police officers solved cases and caught criminals by putting their lives into danger and how they had to always remain on their toes, whether on duty or off duty. It was an episodic serial, that is, every week a new story would make a new episode. The series was aired on. The serial was directed by Sanjay Chauhan and was produced by Cinevistaas Ltd. Every episode featured a brand new crime case to be solved by Inspector Shivraj. Each new episode would begin a crime case being reported to him and the investigation of case would begin. As the episode graduated, he would search for clues and bits by pieces would draw a conclusion till the episode which was revealed at the end of episode. The script was the main hero behind the success of this show. Each and every story was different from the others and the ways Inspectors used to catch the criminals never got monotonous. The real criminal who was revealed at the end always came as a shock as the viewers would always think of someone else to be it. It had a successful run of two and a half year years.