Hindi Tv Serial Kayaamat Jabb Bhi Waqt Aata Hai

Kayaamat Jabb Bhi Waqt Aata Hai Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

One of the most popular TV shows of, not just its genre but of all times is Kayaamat - Jabb Bhi Waqt Aata Hai. A Hindi thriller, Kayaamat had enticed audiences from India to America. It was a popular telecast on the TV Asia channel in the United States of America! A Balaji Films production, Kayaamat revolves around the Ahuja family. A well-off family, the show kicks off with a grand celebration of the engagement of the Uday (portrayed by Ali Hassan Ali Hassan is a popular and a prominent model-turn >> Read More... ), son of Naren and Naina Ahuja to Pooja (played by Kishwar Merchant Kishwar Merchant is a model turned actress from In >> Read More... ).

As is common with all Ekta Kapoor Ekta Kapoor; a legendry producer in Indian TV and >> Read More... directs, the show traces the engulfing power of various human emotions like that of love, jealousy, and vindictiveness that develops over time. Here, the power of love and obsession is displayed through Pooja, who is enamoured with Uday to the point of madness. Pooja is highly insecure and obsessed with Uday. Her insecurities are further fuelled when at her own engagement party, Pooja is witness to a germinating chemistry between Uday and a vivacious lady Anamika (played by ) . Anamika is the CEO of a company that deals with Ahujas. Centred on an obsessive love and the revenge it seeks, Kayaamat traces Pooja’s attempt to thwart Anamika from Uday’s life and ensure her total control and influence over her fiancé.

But Pooja is unable to diminish the kind and smart Anamika’s influence over Uday and their bond seems to grow stronger. Not only does Anamika win Uday’s confidence, she goes on to become the favourite of the Ahuja’s. In fact, Anamika’s personality is so infectious that she is also loved by Pooja’s own family. This further fuels the fire in Pooja’s heart, who feels betrayed by her own family. Pooja continues to devise newer and creative ways to distance Anamika and Uday and strengthen her own position among the Ahuja’s. However, she is thwarted at every turn. This raises questions like why is Anamika so tough to defeat. What are Anamika’s intentions? Finally, when push comes to shove, Pooja attempts to take extreme measures to eliminate Anamika- once and for all.

The two powerful ladies battle it out to put the pride and prestige of the Ahuja’s at risk. Kayaamat went on to become one of the most popular TV shows of its time thanks to brilliant performances by its ensemble. Kishwar Merchant was highly acclaimed for her portrayal. As is common with Balaji productions, the name of the show carries unusual spelling by adding an extra letter ‘a’ in the word Kayaamat and an extra letter ‘b’ in the word Jabb. This one can assume is done in accordance with the science of Numerology of which Ekta Kapoor is a big believer.