Hindi Tv Serial Kathputli

Kathputli Hindi Tv serials on Dd bharati

Kathputli is a Pakistani drama serial which was broadcasted on Hum TV on 11 June 2016. It is directed by a young talent Atif Rathore and produced by veteran Momina Duraid (MD Productions) and Fahim Burney. It casts Gohar Mumtaz (actor turned singer) and his wife Anum Mumtaz with her debut in lead roles. The story is about a traditional family of Mehr-un-Nisa (Sanam Choudhry), which consists of her mother Zeenat ( Farah Nadeem), elder brother Ehtasham (Atif Rathore) & younger brother Hassam (Fasee Sardar). Mehru is engaged to her first cousin Sheraz (Gohar Mumtaz) who happens to not live in Pakistan. Mehru's brothers enforce rigid rules on her which are sometimes downright cruel but Sheraz provides the necessary escape for Mehru from this unpleasant reality thus, maintaining certain balance in her life.

Then, we are introduced to the other family of Zaitoon Bano (Shaheen Khan), who lives with her Husband (Khalid Saleem Butt), eldest son Ahsan, his wife Mehwish (Benita David) & her youngest son Ahad (Farhan Ahmed Malhi). Dynamics of this family is quite weak because the father is not happy about the lack of sense of responsibility in his sons and his sour mood affects everyone at the house. Ahad is still looking for a job while Ahsan isn't contributing enough. Due to some unfortunate events at both houses, Mehru's engagement with Sheraz ends due to Ehtasham's interference in her life (again) while Ahad has to leave his home due to Mehwish's false claim of theft on him even when he has nowhere to go. Later in the story, Destiny brings Ahad and Mehru closer to each other.

Although, both Mehru & Ahad are not willing to accept that they have entered into the unchartered water in their relationship. After leaving Mehru at Karachi, Ahad found his father at a Retirement home & learned about the unfortunate events that happened after he left his parent’s house including his mother's death. Meanwhile, Saira (Maryam Tewana), Ehtasham's wife tries hard to repair the decades worth of damage in the relationships of Ehtasham with his sister and mother born of his old school ideology. Between all this, Sheraz comes to Pakistan and becomes Mehru & Ahad’s neighbor & with it things get a bit more awkward for Mehru. Mehru's struggle due to conservative mindset of his brother Ehtasham relates to many voices who are trying to rise, only to be crushed by their fathers, brothers, and relatives. The way Mehru handles everything is not only admirable but also teaches a valuable lesson of life i.e. 'Never run from your problems but stand firm and solve them'.