Hindi Tv Serial Katha Sarita

Katha Sarita Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN



Katha Sarita is a Hindi television show of Indian origin. The show was widely appreciated and was liked by many people due to the freshness of the content that was showcased in each episode. It was broadcasted on the channel DD National as well as on DD Urdu. It was not broadcasted on a daily basis. Instead, it was presented to the audience twice in a week on weekends. The reasons behind this was non availability of time slots on weekdays. Also, presenting a unique, interesting, and moral story in a classical way required lots of research which made it more difficult for it to be telecasted for five days in a row in a week.

The Doordarshan network later also broadcasted it on its other channels in the network. As the name suggests, the show focuses on telling stories. The concept of the show was to entertain the audience with a new story every time the show gets broadcasted on the largest viewed channel of India. The show comprised of forty-four episodes in total and showcased around forty stories in those episodes. The audience liked the show a lot as they got to view a new story in every episode and was content with that. The stories that were shown on the show were basically adapted from famous moral stories that gives the young generation a message through its melodrama. They were mostly made in such a manner to create an impact on the mind of the people in the modern society.

The main motive was to remind the people of their rich and varied culture that should be preserved. It was focused to keep the intention intact and their motive is never disturbed. The show also included some love stories but they were kept within the limit and were made in a classic manner. The stories proved to be an entertaining package in every episode for the makers. However, it was criticized too on sone other levels regarding the old and boring way in which some of the episodes were presented.

The show also included stories of some famous writer like Harikrishna, Munshi Premchand, and some other classical writers who have already created their space with their stories in the same genre. It was an amazingly timed shot the makers made to keep the show in motion with every single episode. The show was liked by most of the audiences, especially by aged people as they were more keen to watch the classical stories and enjoy them instead of the daily dose of family drama and plottings in the family.