Hindi Tv Serial Katha Mahadev Putra Bal Ganesh Ki

Katha Mahadev Putra Bal Ganesh Ki Hindi Tv serials on Life ok

The eighth weekend series Katha Mahasdev Putra Ganesh Ki is an Indian Television mythological serial aired on Life Ok in 2013 on every Saturday and Sunday 7.30 PM. Lead roles played by Sahil Kapoor (Ganesh) and Rushiraj Pawar (Kartikeya).

Katha Mahadev Putra Ganesh Ki Starts with narrating his childhood stories with his two wives Ridhi and Sidhi by Ganesh. Kartikeya and Ganesh go to Rishi Piplad’s Gurukul where Mastarasura tries to attack Ganesh. On the other hand other students were very excited to see Ganesh but one of the faculty Rishi Samvart said negative things about Ganesh and everyone start hating Ganesh, seeing this that no one wants to be a friend of him, he gets very upset but when he saved Bala (leader of students) they become friends and defeated Lobhasur.

Everything was going well when on Guru Purnima Ganesh breaks a pot and release Madasur, Madasur vows to kill Ganesh as he has released him, He comes in Gurukul as a magician and starts creating the problem for Ganesh but Ganesh defeats him and makes him confess everything he did. Later Ganesh helps villagers from King’s soldier and makes King regret for his good treatment and careless towards the villagers, He also saved his friend from Mohasur. Later people start suffering from a disease and Ganesh with the help of Ashwni Kumar and Rishi Udvansh he saved the people. At the end, Ganesh is now grown up and after completing his study ready, go back, Everyone is very thankful of Ganesh as he saved them from so many users, The students who were against him in starting don’t want him to go.

TheMythologicall Show Katha Mahadev Putra Ganesh Ki was a very popular series; the role played by Sahil Kapoor was very appreciated among Audience. Sahil Kapoor is now hosting a chat show on Kids Channel.