Hindi Tv Serial Kasshish

Kasshish Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Kasshish was an Indian Television Serial broadcasted on the DD National channel in the year of 1993 which included 6 short episodes. Lead roles played by Malvika Tiwari Malvika Tiwari is a former model and a supporting >> Read More... and Sudesh Beri

Kasshish is a story about two people who are very different in nature Sudesh Berry Sudesh Berry is an Indian television and film acto >> Read More... plays the role of a rude and stubborn film Director while Malvika Tiwari plays the role of a new comer actress, who is very beautiful, independent, soft spoken and is chosen for Sudesh Beri’s new film. In the beginning Malavika was very nervous about the film and failed to deliver a good shot which made Sudesh quite angry and he insulted her. Soon with time Malvika gained her confidence and started giving good shots. But Sudesh kept on insulting Malavika and his frustration and hate towards her increased when he realized that he was attracted to her.

Malvika already had a soft corner for Sudesh and when she realises about his feelings for her , she compels him accept it, but the story takes a turn when she finds out that Sudesh is already married and that he never loved his wife and this marriage has always been a burden on him. Sudesh confesses to Malvika that he only loves her, but the truth about his marriage hurts Malvika’s self -respect and she also sympathizes with his pregnant wife., Later Malvika brings his wife to her house and starts taking care of her. Later Malvika comes to know that she is also pregnant with Sudesh’s child. Sudesh is willing to accept Malvika and their baby, but this time she refuses him and along with Sudesh’s wife and their new found friendship, Malvika begins her new and peaceful life.

Kasshish was one of the hit shows on the DD National., This serial had a huge number of audiences and people till date still recall this love story.