Hindi Tv Serial Kamini Damini

Kamini Damini Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Kamini Damini was a television series broadcast on Sahara One. The first episode was aired on 27 December 2004, and it lasted until May 2005. Kamini Damini was a remake of the popular comedy drama film Seeta aur Geeta released in 1972. The lead role in the film was played by Hema Malini, and the producers of the series Kamini Damini engaged her to perform again in the series. She played the roles of the identical twin sisters Kamini and Damini. The story describes the lives of the twin sisters Kamini and Damini who were separated as young children, and centers on their lives as middle-aged women. Damini lives abroad, is a successful woman, very sophisticated and modern. Kamini is a traditional Indian woman, conservative and docile, wearing traditional clothes. Even though they were separated while very young, years later the sisters find out about their destiny and meet. Damini has family problems with her daughter-in-law, and Kamini comes to India to help her. They switch places and Kamini manages to resolve all family issues and teach the wrongdoers some good life lessons. Some popular actors that took part in Kamini Damini are: Pankaj Dheer - who played the role of Kamini' husband, Dharmesh Tiwari, Shashi Sharma, Anang Desai and Rajesh Puri.