Hindi Tv Serial Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 Hindi TV SERIALS on M TV

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 took forward the story of Season 1. The main highlight of the show remained relationships. BBC Worldwide India Ltd. produced the show. It ended on 31 December 2015. The show was a major hit among youth. In this season, it is shown that how the life of every person starts to change. The major cast remained the same except for some changes. Yuvraj Thakur joined the team, while Ayaz Ahmed left the show. The show begins with the life after 3 months of the blast. Nandini is shown to celebrate Manik’s birthday, but Cabir and Manik are missing. Navya becomes an RJ and takes care of her new born baby, Abeer. She lives with Mukti. Alya and Dhruv have broken up and are living as just friends. Rest members of Fab 5 have left music except Dhruv.

Alya has started doing Fashion Designing. Aryamaan and Nandini have become best friends, and Aryamaan always supports her. In short, Nandini has stepped onto Manik’s shoes, and she is the only one who is now trying to keep Fab 5 together. She wants to complete dreams of Manik. When they are celebrating, they hear a tune which is of Manik’s. They become happy and run towards it, but are disappointed to find someone else. That someone is none other than Madhyam Singhania aka Maddy, a rich spoilt brat. They have a fight with him, and he stands against Nandini in elections. Nandini eventually wins and finds out the truth behind the Bomb Blast. She confronts Nyonika and tells her to go and never come in front of them. She is the only one who believes that Manik is alive and misses him. She and Madhyam have many encounters with each other. She even persuades him to sing for Fab 5 in a concert and explains him the importance of friendship. Her brother starts to speak with the help of some music of Madhyam for which she even sacrifices her position as President. After some time, Manik comes back and misunderstands that they all have moved on. He accused them all specially Nandini to move on with Aryamaan, for which she is very hurt. He understands and apologizes from everyone and tells that he could not save Cabir. They all become very sad, but console Manik that he has not done anything. Manik does not like Aryamaan as Nandini’s friend.

Meanwhile, Madhyam is thrown out from his house by his grandfather who does not like rock music, and tries to take help from Nandini, but she does not pick up the phone. Aryamaan helps him. Nandini and Manik again unite, and Manik decides to complete Nandini’s bucket list which has crazy tasks like stealing beer bottles from police, spending a day with a prostitute, etc. Dhruv is insecure about Alya, so Manik advises him to stay alone for sometime which he misinterprets and leaves thinking that Alya is happier with her boss than him. Manik finally accepts Aryamaan. Maddy leaves the city, and Harshad becomes the President. Manik starts to forget his memories and is concerned. He also feels very bad due to the breaking of Fab 5. They talk to the doctor.

Manik is very stressed because he only forgets Nandini, who is very precious to him. He understands that friendship is important, but love is also important, and it is love that stays with you forever. Nandini comes to know about all and they get hope to treat Manik in Denmark. They decide to go there. The last episode shows the celebration of New Year’s Eve where Fab 5 (Manik, Alya, and Mukti) jamming for the last time. Alya is taking up a contract of fashion designing, and Mukti joins an international music house. Manik and Nandini decide to go Denmark the very Next Day. Navya gives her baby to a gay couple for adoption and continues as an RJ. Aryamaan fails to tell about his feelings to Nandini that he loves her. The show had a beautiful ending which defined love and friendship correctly.