Hindi Tv Serial Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 1

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Hindi Tv serials on M tv

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan was a youth show. MTV India broadcasted it from 21 July 2014. The show highlights the importance of friendship and love. The show became a major hit. First Season of the show focuses on how Manik’s life is changed after meeting with Nandini. Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor played the leads in the show. Other major actors were Ayaz Ahmed, Utkarsh Gupta, Charlie Chauhan, Krissann Barretto, Veebha Anand, Karan Jotwani, Zain Imam, Rushad Rana, Abhishek Mallik, Kishwar Merchant, Steve, Mehul Nissar, Ritu Vasishta, Jasmine Avasia, and Dishank Arora. The show features the famous band, Fab 5, who is the heart of the Space Academy. They bully people and are considered to be heartless monsters. It consists of tomboy Mukti, shy Dhruv, diva Alya, cool dude Cabir, and the heartthrob, Manik Malhota, who is the pillar and the heart of Fab 5. Their life changes when two small town girls, Nandini and Navya, come in their life.

Nandini on the very first day of her college stands against Fab 5 to save a boy who was attempting suicide due to Fab 6’s bullying and she herself becomes their next target. She is made to do many disgusting things by them due to which she starts hating them. She punches Manik after he breaks her late father’s pen, but the twist comes when she becomes his spot and has to do many things until Alya, girlfriend of Manik, tells him to stop as she starts becoming insecure. Due to some turn of events, Manik breaks up with Alya. Manik starts attracting towards Nandini, which he tries to fight by acting rudely in front of Nandini. Nandini comes to know that Manik is actually a golden-hearted person who has hidden himself behind the false facet of Monster due to some past. They fall in love with each other. Manik confesses his love, but the twist comes when he comes to know that his brother like a friend, Dhruv, also loves her.

For him, his friends are his family, and he can go to any extent for them. So, he breaks the heart of Nandini, which she later finds out and is very upset with him that he considered her like a thing which can be passed. The show also deals with numerous social issues like a single parent which is portrayed by Navya, a gay guy described by Cabir. The show takes a major turn when Soha, an obsessive fan of Manik, enters SPACE. She tries everything to woo Manik, but he considers her as a friend. Fab 5 have to tolerate it as she is the daughter of their upcoming album’s producer. She spikes Manik’s drink and every time hallucinates him. In the meantime, Manik and Nandini grow closer, but Soha’s father tell Nandini to leave Manik otherwise he will cancel the deal of the album to which she agrees as the album was very important for Fab 5 and she knew that Manik could do anything for his friends. They come to know that Soha is a psycho. Soha crosses all the limits when she kidnaps Nandini.

Manik as a true savior saves her, but in an incident Soha gets burn. Her father shows that she has died and along with Nyonika, Manik’s mother, decide to plot Manik in it. Nyonika also manipulates Nandini as she wants to break them due to which she does not speak in favor of him in court which leads to misunderstandings. They later discover that she is alive and about the culprits. Fab 5 breaks due to Dhruv, which makes Manik vulnerable, but as a true partner, Nandini supports him in every way. Nandini is kidnapped by Pandit, music teacher, as he likes her and Manik saves her, but she gets into shock. Manik with great difficulty brings her out of it. Again Fab 5 comes on a point of the end when Alya and Dhruv decides to leave it.

In the Talent Hunt Competition, Manik is encouraged by Nandini to go on stage and later he is joined by other members of Fab 5. The season ends with a bomb blast of the car having Manik and Cabir in it. The bomb blast was planted for Nandini by Nyonika. The show also had characters of Abhimanyu, Aryaman, and Raghav. Nandini and Manik, both have problems in their life. Nandini is an orphan who comes to Mumbai for her brother’s treatment as he cannot speak. Manik’s life is full of darkness. In spite of having parents, he lives like an orphan. He never got the love of a family. Nandini is the only one in front of whom he can become vulnerable. His everything is Fab 5. He has all the luxuries, but not love. With his own mom, he has a relationship of give and take.

They become the support for each other. The show also raised an issue of clothes of women. Whatever a woman wears is her choice. She does not say to a boy to do something, and she has no mistake in it. There is also a concept of fireflies. It is said that fireflies shine wherever there is true love. The friendship shown in the show is incredible. The nicest thing about the show is one can relate with the show. It features the problems faced by a teenager regarding relationships. The love story of Manik and Nandini was fabulous. Do watch the show!