Hindi Tv Serial Kaise Kahoon

Kaise Kahoon was a soap opera which was aired on Zee TV every Monday to Thursday afternoon in the period between 5 February 2001 and 7 August 2001. The series had 106 episodes, each of them 23 minutes long. The famous television producer Mona Kapoor was responsible for the production of the series. The story revolves around two main characters Zaheer Ahmed (played by Arun Govil) and Sudhir Sinha (played by Anil Dhawan). Zaheer and Sudhir come from two completely different families and communities, with different traditions, beliefs and ways of life. Regardless of all the differences, they become friends, and their friendship grew stronger day by day. The friendship they had was soon spread on the other members of their families as well. But not everyone could accept the significant differences between them, and soon after that problems began to rise, and the true friendship was not the same any longer. Zaheer and Sudhir soon began to drift apart, and their friendship started to fade away. The series presented a real life situation in which the audience was taught a lesson that members of completely different communities can prosper and live together in peace and respect. Another lesson was how a single narrow-minded woman can create misunderstandings and destroy all the friendship and happiness the families enjoyed together.