Hindi Tv Serial Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai

Kaisa Ye Pyar Ha Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai was a romantic drama-series which started on 29 March 2005 and ended on 5 October 2006.The creator of the series is Balaji Telefilms, and it was broadcast on Sony TV in 331 episodes. The series focuses on the lives of the two main protagonists Angad Khanna (played by Iqbal Khan) and Kripa Sharma (played by Neha Bamb). Both of them are talented musicians and Kripa loves Angad as her idol and her favorite singer. The families of Angad and Kripa are old friends, and Kripa decides to go to Mumbai and stay at Angad's house. His family is very rich and everyone is self-centered and arrogant, except Angad's grandmother. As the events unfold, Angad and Kripa first start to hate each other because they both misbehave with each other, and eventually fall in love with one another. Angad's business partner Prithvi offers Kripa help after Angad misbehaves with her, and soon they become close, and eventually their families are planning their engagement. Prithvi's sister Mishti is secretly in love with Angad. The events that continue to happen in the lives of these characters are all provoked by the enormous love Kripa and Angad feel for each other, deep jealousy and desire to hurt each other as a form of revenge because they are not together. In the end of the series Kripa and Angad are living together happily, and have two children. The TV audience in India favored this series because it presented a true love story between two completely different individuals in a very unique way.