Hindi Tv Serial Kaali-Ek Punar Avatar

Kaali-Ek Punar Avatar Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Kaali Ek Punar Avatar is a Hindi soap which aired on Star Plus Television. The story of this series revolves around Nimai and Sayali. They both loved each other and wanted to get married and live the life happily. But Sayali's father and brother don't want to get her married to Nimai, since he was a middle-class guy. As Sayali doesn't get convinced, Rajan Tyagi (Father Of Sayali) and Samar Tyagi (Brother of Sayali) kill Nimai and make Sayali believe that he committed suicide. Later Nimai's mother (Vaani) finds the truth and pleads for justice.

Slowly Sayali also comes to know the truth and decides to run from home. But to her bad luck, she will be caught by the lawyer Rajneesh Pathak, and she will be brought back to home. Unfortunately, Sayali's father fixes Sayali's engagement with lawyer Rajneesh. Dev, who supports Vaani's family, sends Samar Tyagi to jail for killing Nimai. When Rajan Tyagi comes to know this, he forces Rajneesh to fight for this case by keeping Rajneesh's mother in custody.

Finally, Rajneesh decides to go against Rajan Tyagi, as Sayali helps to rescue his mother. Rajan Tyagi and Samar Tyagi will be jailed at last.

Another Version Of This Story:

The serial “Kaali – Ek Punar Avatar” was aired on Star Plus during the years 2012 – 2013. The serial was aired daily and was based on the murder case of Nitish Katara, where a mother fights to get justice and get punishment to the perpetrators, which they deserve. In this serial, Yashwant Singh Thakur acts as Nimai, a middle-class person, who is in love with Sayali.

Sayali is a very rich person, and her father is not only rich but also very influential. In the beginning, Sayali’s father and brother try to separate the lovers, and as they could not succeed in separating the lovers, they murder Nimai and manage to set it up as a suicide. Nimai’s mother learns about the murder and fights for justice for her murdered son.