Hindi Tv Serial Kaala Sona

Kaala Sona Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Zee TV is a popular Hindi drama television channel launched by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. It is also a part of Essel Group. Zee Entertainment Enterprises being a media and entertainment company broadcasts serials and shows belonging to various genres including drama, romance, comedy, etc. Zee TV is not only the most loved but also the first cable channel in India but also the first Hindi-language channel. It started broadcasting on 2nd October 1992 and has since aired a lot of critically acclaimed tv shows and serials. In 1999, Zee TV aired the most popular and unique tv series of its time- Kala Sona.

The show was based on the famous Bengali novel Pichchil by the author Tathagata Mukhopadhyay. Mukhopadhyay is a very influential writer and Pichchil (meaning Slithery) which is his first novel published in 1991-92 by Ananda Publication House, received much appreciation from the Bengali novel industry. The book talked about the strange and unexplored world of modern whodunits. The show telecasted every Monday. It is about an honest and brave petroleum officer Shantanu Ray who investigates a case of a recently discovered oil field going missing. The story is a bit complex and intriguing.

As it unfolds, Shantanu gets to know that the government has decided to give the contract for producing and processing oil from the field to an overseas company. However as production starts, something strange comes in view of the government. The company discovers the oil field to be dry all of a sudden. The barren oil fields create a huge problem for the Indian government as the oil field was supposed to propel India towards self-sufficiency. Shantanu Ray gets to know about this, and along with his deputy, Sagar investigates the case. He finds the loophole in the entire program and then works towards solving it.

What Ray discovers is very shocking even for the viewers as it has the potential to cripple the entire oil Industry of India. It could lead to economic losses in millions. The serial thus holds the attention of the viewers, through the entire 30-minute duration of a single episode, captive. Kala Sona keeps its viewers on the edge of their seats waiting to figure out the suspense that lies in the thrilling episodes of the show. It appears promising as it shows the youth fighting hard for the honor of the nation.