Hindi Tv Serial K. Street Pali Hill

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K. Street Pali Hill - This serial is the story of Mumbai’s most rich and well off ancestors. This is a story of three best friends who are not only friends but also live like a happy family. They live together. They don’t have any kind of lacking in their lives. There are three pals in the serial who owns everything like authority, eminence, wealth, riches and achievements. But the person who even has everything keeps a dark secret. These friends also have a secret which cast shadows in future.

Arindam, Aditya and Bikram are these three friends. They possess the business world of India. They reside in a dazzling mansion. They live like a joint family. They live in a heavenly atmosphere. There are no difficulties; they have a perfect life that anybody wants to have. But there has been a mistake that the three men know which cast the shadow in their lives. Their success has a hidden secret. They came a long way by keeping the story of success which can reduce their honor in a glimpse of the eye.

The story goes on. Finally they were caught red handed. But gradually they were changed men. After all the accidents and incidents, they start to live happily again. (September 27, 2004 – October 12, 2006)