Hindi Tv Serial Jyoti

Jyoti Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv
Jyoti was a very successful Hindi serial aired on Imagine TV. It was crated by Sphere Origin, produced by Sunjoy Waddhwa and was directed by Siddharth Sengupta, jignesh Vaishnav and Aziz Khan. Jyoti traces the journey of a young Indian woman. Jyoti is eldest of three daughters and the sole bread winner of the family, who sacrifices her dreams and aspirations to fulfill every need of her family. Jyoti successfully fights all the odds and obstacles of the family. She does more for her family than any son would do. She strives forward with her undying positive attitude and continues to shine among the people around her. The story has been narrated in flash back mode, when the children of the family grow up and have a big party at home for birthday of Jyoti. One of the sisters requests Jyoti and she narrates her entire life story. The story has been written by noted writer Purnendu Shekhar. The ups and downs in the life of Jyoti beautifully narrated through the story were very enthusiastically accepted by the viewers and the serial was an out and out success. It mad ea big impact on Indian viewers and Imagine TV viewership was highly impacted by the success of this serial.

This serial was aired on Imagine TV in 511 episodes starting from 16th February 2009 to 27th November 2010. The producers were planning to produce a season 2 of the same serial but it could not materialize due to closure of TV channel. It is heard that season 2 of this very popular serial will be aired on Life OK channel. The concept of a helpless father and breadwinner daughter remains the same but there may be some pivotal changes.