Hindi Tv Serial Ji Sirji!

Ji Sirji! Hindi TV SERIALS on BIG Magic

We come across various types of Bosses in different types of profession. Supervisors can be cruel, tender, pervert person, comic, excessively cognizant about looks, excessively apathetic, over excited, excessively requesting, excessively uncertain, extremely irritating, reserved, fears obligation, control monstrosity etc. Keeping in view this idea, BIG Magic broadcasted another Indian drama Television arrangement on 11 November 2015, Ji Sirji. The show additionally circulated on the sister channel of BIG Magic, BIG FM (92.7 MHz). The show tickled the funny bone of the watchers and in addition the audience members were presented the everyday shenanigans of expert world.

BIG Magic is a well known National Hindi diversion channel of the Reliance Broadcast Network. The channel has numerous entertaining sitcoms. The arrangement was broadcast each week on Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM. Anup Soni was the lead character in the 26 episodes arrangement. The arrangement spun around the character of Anup Soni, who played the Boss. It demonstrated the diverse appearances of devil. The 40-year-old performing artist assumed the part of an irrational manager with OCD, Obsessive Compulsive issue. He depicted government representative, manager crosswise over callings, film chief, armed force officer, specialist, group pioneer in a call focus, a corporate official and even a truck driver.

Anup Soni, who we often observed assuming serious parts, played a difficult part of a manager. The show additionally included performing artist Gaurav Sharma. The show was held together by Anup Soni who took the position of Boss in various stiflers. Each scene had an alternate supervisor under an alternate situation. The principle fun part of the show was the way of the supervisor. Every scene of the show took the group of onlookers on an entertaining ride as it concentrated on the connection amongst managers and subordinates in a dynamic expert work situation.

The supporting performing artists, who played subordinates, were forced to bear impulses and fancies of their supervisors. The connection between the subordinates and their particular supervisors was depicted utilizing entertaining representations. The programming procedure of the show rotated around the conceptualizing idea that the intended interest group can without much of a stretch identify with cleverness and diversion. The connection between the manager and the subordinates is a relatable topic. 'Ji Sirji" delivered this relationship in a non-conventional manner with typical, entertaining portrayals, one that was not seen before on Indian Television.