Hindi Tv Serial Jhoome Jiiya Re

Jhoome Jiiya Re Hindi Tv serials on Zee next
Jhoome Jiiya Re was the one of the first show to air on the channel ZEE NEXT when it just launched on 11 December 2007. Initially, it went down with the channel and was shut down when ZEE NEXT was withdrawn on 4 September 2008. Later the show was moved onto ZEE TV and launched there on 8 September 2008. This time though, the show was launched in the afternoon slot and hence could not gain its initial popularity.

The story revolves around Jia; (played by Preeti Amin) she is a very normal and ambitious girl. She always had a love for dancing and wanted to do something in that field. However, her repeated failures had prompted her friends and family to think otherwise. She also wanted to raise her family name in the society that was always criticizing her for her unusual choices and work. She loved her family a lot and wanted to make them proud. In search of this, she moved from audition to audition and finally comes to the audition of an academy named ‘RAD’.

Here, she gets selected but not as a dancer, as a clerk. However, her faith in her abilities keeps her on track to take all the chances falling her way. In the academy, she meets and befriends Apoorva.