Hindi Tv Serial Jersey No 10

Jersey No 10 Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Jersey No. 10 is a drama series which went on air on SAB TV on 5th November 2007. The show’s story is about Nakul and Arjun, two step-brothers. They both have a common dream of being a part of the Indian cricket team. They visit the same cricket academy to get trained. Arjun becomes the best player of the Institute. He also inherits his father's legacy; he is as popular as he is wealthy. Nakul meanwhile, has had to grow up amidst hardships and struggles. He gets raised by a single mother and is her only child. Nakul and Arjun meet each other at the academy, and their fight begins from there on.

Through a series of coincidences and the subsequent revelations which follow, it becomes clear that the two have a fortune that is even more intertwined than what they can fathom. The ongoing journey thus assumes a lot more poignant meaning. While both Nakul and Arjun face their internal struggles, their parents have some baggage to deal with as well. Their history and the results from therein are there for all to see. We find out that Arjun’s father and Nakul’s mother used to love each other in college. But when Nakul’s mother fell pregnant with him, Arjun’s father decided to leave her and focus on his career.

This betrayal leaves her heartbroken, but she picks up the pieces of her life and decides to move on. Arjun’s father meanwhile, himself an aspiring cricketer, tries to make it big. However, he fails to do so, and his hopes of being a cricket star slowly fade away. He returns home to get married to Arjun’s mother and subsequently gives birth to him. Shivendra Sharma is the coach at the cricket academy and is himself a former member of the Indian cricket team. He was an outstanding bowler and used to train with Arjun’s father. They both used to aspire to join the Indian team, but only Shivendra could make it. However, his career gets cut short when the team lost an integral match because of his mistakes.

Following the loss, he got dropped from the team and despite his best efforts to come back, was unable to. He kept trying hard for many but with no luck. The jersey he used to wear while a part of the team, No. 10, enjoys a place of pride in his academy and is there for the next superstar who emerges from his academy. Arjun is very fond of the story and wants to get it for himself.