Hindi Tv Serial Jeet

Jeet Aired on Indian TV channel Star Plus between 2003 and 2004. A total of 52 episodes were released in this interval. The show later aired on TV Asia for viewers in the United States. It is a mixed 3 way love story with the lover’s families being the main antagonists.

The story mainly revolves around Vikram Mall (played by Ankur Nayyar). He is a successful young and arrogant boy who is working abroad when he suddenly has a change of heart and decides to go back to the college from where he gained education back in India and teach in order to do something for the society. He thinks that he can make a difference by doing this. Initially, when he joins back his new methods and revolutionary attitude pits him against his colleagues and seniors but soon, his hard work gains their trust and faith in his methods. With his charm and wit, he attracts Janki ( Aparna Tilak), a colleague and the two get really close with each other until, Vikram’s past comes to haunt him.

One of the trustees of the college is Jamini Devi who is the mother of Nandini ( Neeru Bajwa), Vikram’s former lover. Jamini Devi forces Vikram to get back with Nandini and warns to throw him out of the college if he didn’t agree. The story continues with these struggles as Jamini Devi plans different traps to force Vikram’s decision.