Hindi Tv Serial Janmo Ka Bandhan

Janmo Ka Bandhan Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN



Janmo Ka Bandhan is a Hindi TV Serial that airs on the channel Doordarshan National. It is basically a drama show revolving around the various problems faced by the members of the Kapoor family. The show revolves around a hardworking and honest IAS officer Surendra Kapoor. He has three daughters and a mentally ill son who was affected by the death of his mother a few days back. Surendra is municipal commissioner and his presence as an honest person annoys the powerful builder's lobby when he takes up the massive demolition task to normalize the haphazard urban development which is caused by so much of illegal construction everywhere in the city. These builders wish to weaken Surendra.

Therefore aim at the jugular of his life, his son. Such is the condition created by his enemies that Surendra is not able to help it. They weave such a web of dishonesty that Surendra gets suspended. As a result, he finds himself in such a situation which he feels has no way out. While he fights with the mafia involved with the construction business at work, he also struggles on two sides with his family. One is to protect his mentally disturbed son and the second is to overcome the sudden loss of his wife. At the end, there is a limit to how long he can take it.

Ultimately, he reaches a breaking point. Now, it is the time for his three daughters to come out and stand by him. These three daughters come up and take the responsibility to save their family from this period of struggle. The biggest responsibility falls on the eldest daughter Kashish, who has to look after the family and support her younger sister’s to pursue their studies and fulfill their dreams. Apart from a family drama, the story is also about women empowerment. It showcases how the three daughters stand by their family in a time of need. They prove themselves equal to men and very progressive in nature.

They show how the so-called ‘glass ceilings’ can be broken if one is determined. The show is directed by Kewal Sethi and written by Pramod Singh. The character of Surendra is played by Rajeev Verma who has worked in well-known films like Maine Pyarkiya and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and even Hum Saath Saath Hain. Other actors are Divya Malk, Akshita Arora, and Rishika Singh. The show started from 21st November 2014 and aired at 7 pm. Through this woman-centric show, Doordarshan National claimed to win back all its viewership, and also it tried to keep up with its ideology of ‘value addition.' The makers had a lot of hopes that the soap will have a large impact on society.