Hindi Tv Serial Jab Jab Bahar Aaye

Jab Jab Bahar Aaye Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Jab Jab Bahar Aaye is Hindi television drama televised on DD National. DD National is a government owned channel but the government has given the channel independence to broadcast shows it deems fit without government interference. The channel is also one of the oldest running channels in India, it started in 1959 and is still going on .

The show is being co-produced by Saregama India Ltd a Sanjeev Goenka Group Venture. The show is different from other shows as it explore a different theme altogether something which hasn’t be shown before on TV in India because its a Social issue mostly frowned upon by the society.The show explore how life for the couple and people changes after they decide to get divorced.

The theme revolves around a couple who mutually decides to part ways after 9 years of marriage and after having two kids. They agree their differences and decide to separate without crossing each other's lives. The show also presents the negative effects the divorce has on all their relatives especially the couple’s two kids.The main lead pair of the show are Manish and Kamya who decide to split. The decision is taken by the two of them but it affects a large number of people including their children who want both their parent’s love but are forced to spend time with both of them separately

he show has been written by famous TV serial writer Mr. Rajesh Beri who became famous for the other show he wrote titled ‘Bhabhi”. The role of Manish was at start portrayed by Anand Garodia who has acted in several shows like Adalat, Devo ke Dev Mahadev but due to his other professional commitments had to be replaced by Chandan Kumar. The role of Kamya was played by Dolly Sohi who had before that been part of the shows writer Rajesh Beri’s previous show Bhabhi.The show also boasts of a lot of star power like Sheily Shukla, Neelu Kohli is an Indian Actress who has acted in serials like Madhubala and Shastri Sisters apart from appearing in Jab Jab Bahar Aaye. Anil Dhawan is an Indian actor who is related to famous Film Director David Dhawan and his son famous Indian actor Varun Dhawan. He is best known for the song Yeh Jeevan Hai. The show has been praised for raising a social issue and for its powerful star cast.