Hindi Tv Serial Jaayan Kahan

Jaayan Kahan Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Jaayan Kahan is a Hindi Television serial which aired on Doordarshan National TV Channel. It is an everyday sitcom. It airs episodes everyday on two specific time slots;One on which the original episode airs and the other on which the repeat is telecasted.

The show runs on the concept of problems in the Indian society. Honest policemen dealing with the corrupt bosses of the populace is a recurring theme in the episodes shown.

Every day one episode was  aired. Its run time varied from 19 to 23 minutes, averaging 21 minutes per episode. Each chapter included only one problem faced by the people in the form of characters and their situations. This type of show was also used by other media channels as a part of intelligent and social story telling which does not bore the viewers. The series had many directors for all the episodes. Each one of them directed a few episodes.

The set of the show was simple. It was prepared according to the story being told. The show was in Technicolor. It fared averagely to DD National's TRP Charts.

It was a decently popular show but ran for only one season. It comprised almost 120 episodes. Most of them are not available anywhere. But with a stroke of luck one might find them on some online portal. The time slot of the show was 8 PM and 10 AM on the next day for repeat telecast. It had a good run and is remembered by many. It gave a start to social shows which might just help in making a difference.