Hindi Tv Serial Jaane Pehchaane Se... Ye Ajnabbi

Jaane Pehchaane Se... Ye Ajnabbi Hindi Tv serials on Star one
JPYA is a family based TV soap with a story that revolves around the main character named Ayesha which is played by Aditi Tailang. The show begins with Ayesha leading a content life with her sister Divya and brother-in-law Jai Vardhan Singh. Also living with them is Nihaal, Jay’s Nephew. The story takes a major twist when Divya and Jay die in a car accident. This leaves Ayesha with no support for herself and Nihaal hence; she is forced to move to Mumbai with him. For basic needs, she starts working as a maid in a luxurious hotel. This hotel however, is owned by Veer Vardhan Singh , Jay’s younger brother. Ayesha is completely unaware of this fact and also that Veer is looking for Nihaal as he is the last heir to the Vardhan family name.

Slowly, the real identity of both of them is revealed and this leads to legal fights between Veer and Ayesha over Nihaal. Veer ends up getting Nihaal’s custody but, at the same time develops feelings for Ayesha and lets her stay with the family in order to take care of Nihaal.

Later, Ayesha finds out that her sister and brother-in-law were murdered and didn’t die in a car accident as told earlier. The rest of the story revolves around Ayesha trying to find the murderer and simultaneously fighting for her and Nihaal’s safety. 

This Show aired on Television channel ‘Star One’ between 19th October 2009 and 17th September 2010.