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Jaadugar” is an Indian film released on 1989 starring ' Amitabh Bachchan' in the lead role. When Shankar Narayan ( Aditya Pancholi ) returns from America with his girlfriend Mona ( Amrita Singh), he is shocked to see his father in a new look pretending to be a fortune-teller. His father with a new name Mahaprabhu Janak Sagar ( Amrish Puri) dupes the entire town of Dharampur with his newly acquired magic tricks. During his tenure in jail, he learned some magic tricks under the guidance of Neelkanth(Johnny Lever).

He is somehow able to convince people in the town to denounce their wealth with his words and magic tricks. Soon Mahaprabhu starts getting serious attention from the people who help him spread his legend and earn a prestigious post at a temple. Shankar is bewildered and decides to take action against his father. So he decides to approach one of the most eminent magician, in the city named Goga (Amitabh Bachan) to help him in his pursuit of teaching his dead a lesson.

Goga accompanied by his partner Meena ( Jaya Prada) challenges the Mahaprabhu and routinely performs magic tricks against him to the general public to gain a fan following. Soon Goga starts attracting a serious fan following while Mahaprabhu notices the competition. Goga is finally able to dethrone Mahaprabhu and embarrass him in front of the public. Shankar is satisfied by Goga’s performance and thanks him, but much to his surprise, Goga refuses to leave.

Goga is now referring himself as Gogeshwor with his newly acquired post as the Godman of the town decides to stay. The people start blindly worshipping him just as they did earlier. Shankar is stunned and assumes Goga is now blind due to his greed for wealth, but Goga is not as power hungry as he seems to be. On the other hand, Mahaprabhu has not yet accepted defeat. He plots revenge against Goga and with the use of his experience as a con man exposes Goga. He regains his status as a Godman while Goga is now considered a mere mortal.

Mahaprabhu then attempts to poison the food which Goga gives to his followers as Prasad. His attempt is unsuccessful as Goga can foil it. Goga then finally exposes Mahaprabhu in front of a big audience. He also claims that he does not possess any divine power and his sole intention was to expose him. Mahaprabhu learns his lesson while Goga decides to go back to his old life as a magician.