Hindi Tv Serial Ittefaq

Ittefaq Hindi Tv serials on Dd metro

Ittefaq is one of the best entertaining serials with the suspense thriller genre.  DD Metro TV channel aired this serial. It aired once in a week in the afternoons. The kind of storyline was very new during the retro age. Let us see about the plot in depth.

The main cast is RajeshKhanna, Nanda, Bindu, Iftekhar, Madan Puri, Sujith Kumar, Jagdish Raj, Gajanan Jagridhar, Shammi, and Alka. The plot is around a painter, Dilip and his wife Sushma. She is a rich woman. Theirs is a little and happy family. One fine day when he was painting interestingly, his wife persuaded him to take her out for a while. But as he was obsessed with his work, he refused to come. But she deliberately wanted him to take her out. As he continuously refused, she got angry, and broke his painting into pieces. Dilip got frustrated and pushed her away. He yelled her at anger, and said that he would kill her. He then went out of the house.

When he returned back, he found his wife lying on the floor dead. He was shocked. Then the policemen arrested him after the statement given by his wife’s sister Renu. He was imprisoned. He was sent for a psychological analysis, and doctor said that he had mental anxiety, due to his harsh behavior. He suggested giving him regular treatment.  Later he escaped from the prison and tried to get shelter at the place of a woman named Rekha. He threatened her and made her lie that he was not in her house.

He was taking rest at Rekha’s house, as he believed that she would not call the police. Later he found a dead body in the bathroom and demanded explanation from her. She said that she did not know about that. Knowing Rekha had deception; he calls the police and tells that Rekha’s missing husband is dead. She killed him because she had affair with the police inspector. Then he made detailed study and found out that his wife was killed by her sister due to personal vengeance. With the spiced up screenplay, this serial is a massive hit.