Hindi Tv Serial Its Complicated - Relationship Ka Naya Status

Its Complicated-Relationship Ka Naya Status Hindi Tv serials on Channel v
It's complicated-Relationship ka naya status was a youth oriented show on Channel V which has a paradigm shift from a musical channel for a number of years to daily fiction and non fiction shows that deeply affect the minds of the teenagers in the country. In the process of this paradigm shift, the channel aired this show during the current year. The storyline of the serial is very simple- its about three guys and three girls who incidentally become next door neighbours. They have completely different and opposite personalities as a result of which number of rivalries, fights and what not crops up into their relationships. Maddy, Bappa and Rocky, three boys with different personality traits share an apartment opposite the flat of three girls-Jo, Urvashi and Nikki. Slowly they overcome the initial euphoria and realize that there is a lot more into their relationship than they had realized earlier. All of them try to get to know each other better and the show focuses on the efforts of boys to understand what the girls want and like whereas the girls try to understand what the boys would want and like. But the thinking of both sexes is so different from each other that initially they are at a loss to understand the actual need. Comic situations arise out of these misunderstandings and the show was definitely enjoyed by the youth section of the society as appears from the remarks made n the social media sites.

The show was telecast on V channel and the first episode was aired on November 29, 2013.