Hindi Tv Serial Ishq Ki Inteha

 Ishq Ki Inteha  Hindi TV SERIALS on Geo TV

Indian Television popular soap ‘Ishq Ki Inteha’ is a romantic love drama series which launched in 2009 on GEO TV. The show is produced by Raheel Rao and Kamran Qureshi. The story of Ishq Ki Inteha witnesses the trapping of women by Mafia who works in jails and saloons for prostitution and illegal works. The story also focused on gang activities where the young boys are forcibly employed and are encouraged to drink and gamble by providing debts and later blackmailing. On the other hand, the love story of Farhad ( Humayun Saeed) and Bakhtawar ( Sarwat Gilani) portrayed the actual motive of this series. Farhad who is the son of a millionaire Malik Jalal falls in love with a girl Bakhtawar who belongs to a lower-class family. Farhad is in abroad for higher studies where another fellow Rashid, is a junior lawyer. In this love story of Farhad and Bakhtawar, Rashid is sacrificing his love for Bakhtawar while he makes every possible effort to help her out from her problems.

Where Bakhtawar’s mother married Qayyum (a gambler and drunkard), Qayyum is badly trap in debt of ten hundred thousand from Sheru. Angry Sheru threatens to make his son Shehzad a hostage. Things take troll when Farhad takes Bakhtawar to his home, but his father Malik disapproves and insults the girl. When Bakhtawar reaches her home, she sees Qayyum beating Sajida that angry Bakhtawar hits Qayyum and the latter dies on the spot. Bakhtawar gets arrested and is put in jail. Soon, she comes across a woman Shehnaz who gives an address to her for a job. Shehnaz works for Malik who is underworld Don, and they together run an illegal business where they present beautiful girls to bureaucrats for getting their deals signed. Unaware of trouble, Bakhtawar is send to a client’s home where her rape is plan. After this rape tragedy, Bakhtawar gets married to Rashid, but they soon divorce as they come across the same rapist.

Bakhtawar loses her mother whereafter she joins her sister Shehnaz in managing the salon to afford their brother Shehzad’s studies. And soon Bakhtawar gives birth to a baby girl. Soon, Shehzad completes studies and gets a good job where he likes Farhad’s sister, Romana. Soon destiny brings Farhad and Bakhtawar together where Farhad bonds strong relation with Bakhtawar’s daughter Minhal. However, when Shehnaz forces Bakhtawar to marry Farhad, she first refuses but later agrees for her daughter. Bakhtawar doesn’t get into physical relation with Farhad, but when she realizes her love for him, Farhad gets killed by evil Sheru who rebels Malik to become a Don. Bakhtawar believes Malik killed Farhad because of their marriage that she faces off Malik and points the gun to kill him, but Sheru kills Malik and thereby Bakhtawar kills Sheru. Bakhtawar gets arrested in the murder case of Sheru where after Rashid fights her case and wins the case. Where the mystery solves, Bakhtawar discloses Rashid about Minhal being his daughter, and thus the couple makes a happy family.