Hindi Tv Serial Instant Khichdi

Instant Khichdi Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR ONE

Instant Khichdi was a series and telecast on Star One by Sitcom; it was air in 2005 till 2006. The series is a sequel to the show “Khichdi” and telecast on Star Plus in 2002, Number of episodes were telecasted 458. Instant Khichdi is directed by Atish Kapadia. This is a family comedy story of the life of eccentric Gujarati joint family called Parekh family, and it is supernatural constituents. Parekh Family is living in Mumbai. The head of the Parekh family is Tulsidas Parekh (Anang Desai) who has a good heart but stays in a bad mood. He has two sons and member of the Parekh family are good for nothing except children of the family.

Praful {Rajeev Mehta) is the elder son and his wife is Hansa (Supriya Pathak). Jayshree (Vandana Pathak) is a widowed daughter in law and their children Chalky (Richa Bhadra), and Jackie (Yash Mittal) are smarter than all of them. Instant Khichdi is about the Tulsidas Parekh and his family, who live in Mumbai together, but have the desire to get separated from each other. Tulsidas neither want to sell the house nor shift into the nuclear family. Parekh family members hope that Tulsidas (Babuji) changes his perception or allow them to shift into a nuclear family and in that drama, they do plan and plotting and always become the victim of their plans.

Finally, they shift into a larger house left behind a deceased aunt. Later on, they become rich suddenly when they find oil in their older house. They try to settle down in higher society. Parekh family makes the audience laugh in each episode with madness and craziness, and it continued till the end.

Amit Verma as Raju Tulsidas Parekh, Tina Parekh as Melissa Raju Parekh, Arya Rawal as Heera Tulsidas Parekh, Kamlesh Ojha as Bhavesh Kumar, Anish Kapadia as Jignesh, Girish Sachdev as Parminder Singh and Lilly Patel as Badi Maa also Member of Parekh family, This member also contributed in a madness of this serial.

Instant Khichdi was one of the most famous family comedy in the history of Television till today, Khichdi movie also released in 2010, story line and character were same but still audience enjoyed a lot and accepted it once more as new comedy story.