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This show was launched on 5 September 2011 and ended on 30 November 2012. The show consisted of 260 episodes and was broadcasted from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel [V]. Cast: Abigail Jain Abigail Rajeev Jain is a gorgeous lady born on Feb >> Read More... Abigail Jain , Himansh Kohli Himansh Kohli is a famous Indian actor in both Bol >> Read More... Himansh Kohli , Yuvraj Thakur Yuvraj Thakur is a young Indian commercial ad acto >> Read More... Yuvraj Thakur , Sheena Bajaj Sheena Bajaj is one of the Indian actresses who ap >> Read More... Sheena Bajaj , Varun Kapoor Varun Kapoor, who is famous as Danny of Saraswatic >> Read More... Varun Kapoor , Amit Sareen Amit Sareen was not very well known in the Industr >> Read More... Amit Sareen , Heli Daruwala Heli Daruwala is an Indian actress and model. She >> Read More... Heli Daruwala , Ankur Nayyar Ankur Nayyar is one of the most talented actors in >> Read More... Ankur Nayyar , Rupesh Kataria Abigail Jain was cast as Sia Dhillion, a short-tempered girl who started learning boxing at the age of 11 from her father who was a National level boxer.

She loses her parents in an accident and is left with a younger brother Raghu with whom she moves to her Uncle’s place with a dream of becoming a boxer. Ankur Nayyar was cast as Coach Karanveern, whom Sia first contacts during the sports scholarship exam, who saw a spark in Sia. A visionary by nature, Karanveer selected Sia.

He had great ideas for her though he never spoke about them. The students though scared of him, had a lot of respect for him. Himansh Kohli was cast as Raghav Oberoi, a student of the Elite school. Based on the number of hits on his facebook fans page, Raghav is the second popular person after Mark Zuckerberg. His best friend and roommate is Arjun, who is more than a brother to him as his family doesn't show affection and care towards him.

At the start of the show, Raghav plays lots of pranks on Sia but later on, they become good friends and he even helps Sia when she is trapped in difficult situations and helps her during the examination periods. As the show moves on, he develops strong feelings for Sia.He disapproves the wrong intentions of Vishal. Yuvraj Thakur cast as Arjun Thakur, is Raghav's best buddy and is a complete opposite of him. Unlike any of the other rich kids, he does not find worth in power or money.

He is very idealistic about life; he expects the same from others. It is this characteristic that makes him impractical sometimes as he looks at people in complete black or white. For him, the grays don't exist. Since he is Raghav's friend, he can do nothing wrong. Heli Daruwala cast as Saloni Singhal, is Raghav's current flame. She is cunning, proud, vain, and vicious. Through her plots and schemes, she makes things turn out exactly as how she wants it to be.

Rupesh Kataria casted as Vishal Kapoor shortly known as Vicky is a free and outgoing person. He is the son of a builder having political connections. He is a spendthrift and enjoys spending money lavishly with his friends. He plays on people by deceiving them in one way or the other. Show Concept Hum se Hai Life targeted the young audience by focusing on Sia Dhillon (Abigail Jain), a life struggler having a dream to become a boxer. The story is also about Sia's relationships with the characters of Raghav(Himansh Kohli), Arjun (Yuvraj Thakur), Kabir(Varun Kapoor) and others at the Elite school.

Though Raghav cares for Sia he does not consider her to be fit enough to be his girlfriend but as time goes by their friendship grows. Sia falls in love with Raghav after Raghav protected her from goons. After Raghav leaves Elite school, Sia is shattered but soon gets qualified for the Delhi Boxing Championship.

Arjun hatches a plan to make Sia and Raghav come closer and openly declare their love for each other. The story shows the series of what happens to a girl who finds herself in a man's world. After a lot of love triangles, the story ends with Raghav-Sia and Arjun-Alia, Pooja-Vishal, Rangeela-Saloni, and Gurmeet-Sama as a couple for a lifetime.