Hindi Tv Serial Hum Paanch Season 2

Hum Paanch Season 2 Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Balaji Telefilms private limited, and Zee Telefilms Private Limited had joined their hands to create a serial that was decided to be directed by Raju Parsekar, Sameer Kulkarni, and Waghdhare Rajan, Screenplay, Story, and Dialogue by Imtiaz Patel, Produced by Shoba Kapoor, and Ekta Kapoor, and Edited by Rani Singh, and Vikas Sharma. Photography and composition have to be taken by Sanjay Memane, and Lalit Sen.

Anand Mathur (Ashok Saraf) has married his wife (Sudha Chandran), and she had died after she had begotten three daughters. Meenakshi Mathur (Vandana Pathak) was their first Daughter and has a feminist motive throughout her life. The Second Daughter, Radhika Mathur (Pamela Mukherjee) has been a studious geek, and intelligent. She has deaf ears and had used aid to hear. She had the habit of bumping into everything she had seen including status, people, etc. Sweety Mathur’s (Rakhee Tandon) only aim in the life has to marry the Pop of the Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. She was remarked as no brain lady with the beauty.

Babli worships and adores Sweety and had become her disciple. Her only duty has been to open the front gate when somebody knocks it. Anand has been a graduate from Kallubhai Koylawala Lallubhai with high marks. He has worked with the medicine factory as a sales representative and has revolved around for Commission. He went to a rural area named as Baliya where he met Bina Devi Janardhan Anand Kumar Prasad Mathur (Shoma Anand). His three daughters teased Bina Devi and aggravated Bina agreed to marry Anand to revenge on the three. Anand gave birth to two new daughters.

Kajal Mathur has not been happy with the way she had been treated in the family. She had become a tomboy. She had lived in the state of dream and wished if she would be a boy. The youngest was Chotti Mathur. She was praised by the fellow mates as the incarnation of Meena Kumari, the famous Actress of Bollywood. They had built a temple for her too. The entire show was a blockbuster in the Television Series and had received the Award, ‘Rishtey Amar Award for the Comedy Best Serial’ in the Zee Awards presented by Rishtey in the year 2010. The cast had gained overwhelming responses and became iconic television stars. There were 42 episodes each of 30 minutes including the advertisements from the Sponsors.