Hindi Tv Serial Hum Hain Dilwale

Hum Hain Dilwale Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment



Hum Hain Dilwale is a comedy which aired on Sony TV in 2002. It came on every Wednesday at 8:00 PM. The story is about two people, Shyamlal, and Ramlal. They both live together in the same house in spite of not being able to tolerate each other. This is because both their fathers were friends from childhood and were great buddies. The parents imposed a condition on the sons. They said that if either of the sons moved out of the house, they would give up their inheritance. Hence, in spite of hating the sight of one another, they both couldn’t do anything. They must hence tolerate this and stay together. Ramlal doesn’t like to spend money at all and is a complete miser. His wife, however, loves to shop. She spends money all the time on all sorts of things. This drives Ramlal crazy. On the other hand, Shyamlal separates himself from all kinds of family affairs. This means that he leaves his wife. So Radha, his wife of 25 years, has to take up all the responsibilities of the household. Ramlal and Shyamlal are always plotting and trying to find a way to make the other miserable.

In the middle of all this are four more characters. Tina and Reena, who are the nieces of Ramlal and come from Patiala. Reena worships James Bond and can’t stop thinking about him. She acts like a tomboy and isn’t afraid of doing crazy antics. She thinks of herself as nothing short of a super spy like Bond himself. Tina acts like her sister’s partner in crime on her various adventures. Also, there are Vijay and Ajay, who are the nephews of Shyamlal and hail from Jalandhar. Vijay is a body builder who looks formidable but has no brains. Ajay is a smooth talker who can talk his way out of almost any situation. All these characters become the stakeholders. We thus see the two men’s daily battle of trying to score one over the other. Their families are stuck in the middle.

The two pairs of nephews and nieces, Vijay-Ajay, and Tina-Reena, often take sides with their own uncles. This results in an all-out war raging in the household where everyone is trying to get a leg up on the other one. The resulting chaos forms the platform for this insane comedy which had the audience in splits the entire time.