Hindi Tv Serial Hukum Mere Aaka

Hukum Mere Aaka Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Hukum Mere Aaka was a fun drama that was specially made for the children. It was broadcasted on Sahara One Channel in 2011. It was telecasted on the television from Mon-Fri at 6 am. The serial did not last for long and ended up in the same year as well. The story of Hukum Mere Aaka was based on a Professor, his wife and some neighbors. The Professor used to assemble antique things. Once he found a bottle that contained a Genie. Nobody was ready to believe in that, but one of his neighbors, who had believed in these things found this thing much true.

At the end of the series, Genie becomes a part of the family of that Professor. Though Hukum Mere Aaka did not receive much TRP rating, but all Hukum Mere Aaka episodes are quite famous among children. Among all Hukum Mere Aaka episodes, Hukum Mere Aaka episode 1 and episode 2 were highly popular. The details of Hukum Mere Aaka cast can be found on the sidebar.