Hindi Tv Serial Hubahu

Hubahu Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Hubahu is a Hindi drama television miniseries, which started airing on Sony Entertainment Television channel from February 7, 2002. But because of the high cost of production, the series was ended on August 29, 2002 after completing a total of 30 episodes. The series was directed by Nupur Asthana and produced by Milind Soman, Parvati Balagopalan and Deepa Sahi under the banner of E-Motion Pictures. Hubahu is an adaptation of the American film entitled, Deceptions which stars Barry Bostwick and Stefanie Powers.

It is a story that depicts the life of the identical twin sisters who switched places just for fun but they end up being complicatedly tangled on each other’s lives. Aditi and Ananya (both played by Sandhya Mridul) are twins who has distinct personalities. Aditi lives in Pune with her husband, Dilip Kaul, a professor who neglects her most of the time and their son, Siddharth; while Ananya is an ambitious and independent girl who works in Bangkok as a refined art house dealer. She has few relationships before, but never takes anyone seriously or allows them to interfere with her job.

Aditi thinks that she was stuck in an unhappy married life. She always nags at her husband and told him how much she wanted to become rich like her sister. After ten long years, the twins meet again when Ananya decided to take a break from the dilemma that she encounters with her client in Bangkok. She flew to India to meet her twin sister. While on a bar when both are drunk, they admitted to each other how much they wanted to have another life. And that’s when they decided to exchange their identities for a week. At first, things went out well according to their plans. Ananya lives in Aditi’s house and Aditi flew to Bangkok. Nina, Ananya’s best friend arranged a party for her birthday and all her sister’s wealthy friends attend the party. She saw Hemant from the party, the man who saves her when she got lost on her way home. She also learns that Hemant is the suitor of Ananya who later puts a very expensive necklace on to her neck. She chokes and leaves the party.  Hemant come with her and they celebrate her birthday on the street.

Ananya on the other hand lives with Dilip. They attended a party and Dilip was surprised to see how she judged the wines. Everyone around them seems to notice their changes and the two become likeable to those people. And as they go back to their own lives, things become very complicated.