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This is a medical television drama series that made its debut airtime on 13th July, 2015 on the Hindi entertainment channel Life Ok. It airs on weekdays. The show is produced by Pulse Media Entertainment and has a single season comprising 90 episodes till date. The show has Pooja Gor Pooja Gor is a Hindi Television actress. She was b >> Read More... and Sahil Anand Sahil Anand is an Indian actor who has been a part >> Read More... as its female and male leads respectively. It has been primarily shot in parts of London in a real hospital setting The television series consists of a number of characters with Roshni, being the youngest and the most promising of them all. She takes a stand on numerous issues The show highlights the challenges in her personal and professional life. Her journey started as a surgeon assisting the lead surgeon and also her mentor.

Her mentor’s narrow mindedness on making money rather than serving patients made her more proactive and conscious towards serving the poor and underprivileged patients. The show also explores the love chemistry between the show leads and the way it affects their professional lives. The highlight of the series is in its way of portraying the doctor patient relationship. After a few episodes, it explores other possible ways of exploring the patient’s point of view in the relationship. It made a change in its storyline to make it related to the common man rather than doctors. The patients and their families also play a major role in the show. This was done to expand the perspective of the audience and displaying what the patients go through.

The show brings back veteran actor Amol Palekar Amol Palekar was born on 24th November, 1944 in Mu >> Read More... and Raghubir Yadav Raghubir Yadav is an Indian movie, television and >> Read More... among others to the silver screen. Since Indian TV shows are notoriously famous for shifting track to romantic sagas or overtly dramatic family drama, we sincerely hope that the show maintains its line of story and sticks to its solid plot. The problem with earlier medical dramas was that they lost the initial track and made their foray into love stories between the protagonists and hence met with lukewarm response. This show makes a valiant attempt to study the perspectives of doctors, patients and their respective families as a whole. This fact is appreciable. The lives of the medical interns in a plush London medical school makes for an engaging watch with its various twists and turns. Owing to the reasonable viewership success in the first season, it might be just be back with a second season