Hindi Tv Serial Hey...Yehii To Haii Woh!

Hey...Yehii To Haii Woh Hindi Tv serials on Star one
Hey Yehi Toh Hai is an entertaining television soap premiered in Star One Channel. It was started in the year 2004 and ended at 2005.  This is a story of a twin brother named Raj and Sameer (acted by Gaurav Chanana), who got separated after their birth. Babu Kamanth (acted by Hemant Choudhary) their father sold Raj to a childless Multi- Millionaire Jaydev Thapar (acted by Major Vikramjeet).
Sameer, who starts working in a highway restaurant in Panvel as a waiter and always thinks of living a larger than life or King size life. Sameer lives with her mother Bhavna and younger sister Manju. His father Kamanth got imprisonment due to his criminal activities. One day Sameer found a person injured badly in a car accident, who looks alike him named Raj. Due to serious injuries he looses his memory. To convey this news to his family members Sameer went to Thapar’s villa. In villa, everybody mistaken and start treating him like Raj. Sameer got tempted with high class life. Now, Sameer plans to make a swap from Raj and tries to grab the license of Thapar’s villa and Raj started to live middle class miserable life. Sameer is also quite fascinated with Neha (acted by Sonal Pandse) Raj’s fiancé. At Thapar’s villa Sameer is unaware of enemies of Raj; actually Neha has been planted to Raj’s life by Raj’s step-brother named Pran. With the days passing, Neha starts liking Sameer and finally falls in his love. This makes Pran quite insecured.
Soon, Sameer’s Father Kamanth gets released  from imprisonment and becomes angry over Bhavna because of her friendship with Shankar. Kamanth came back made a mess up to every one’s life, during same period Kamanth was murdered by Jaydev Thapar because he did not want Kamanth to open the secret of Raj’s and Sameer’s life. Like earlier story moves further and finally comes off from the channel in year 2005.
(2004 – 2005)