Hindi Tv Serial Hatim


Indian television industry is famous for its contributions for stories filled with action, drama, thriller and adventure for the audiences. Indian Television Network is the leading provider of all these types of show and these shows indeed become real hits of all time and will be always cherished in our hearts. One such TV serial was ‘Hatim’ which is popularly known as ‘The Adventures of Hatim.’ It was the most popular show of its time and is still in the hearts of Indian audiences. The serial Hatim was launched in the year 2003 on the Star TV Network. Star TV network’s leading channel is Star Plus which is the channel that featured Hatim.

Hatim was launched on Star Plus ,then it was aired on the Disney Channel Network and then it was aired on the Star Utsav channel, another channel of the Star TV network too.The success and popularity of Hatim led to its relaunch after dubbing it in Telugu language. The Telugu version of Hatim was featured on Star Vijaya. The original Hatim series had around 47 episodes. The plot revolved around a child who was born to the emperor of Yemen and was predicted to be a man with good deeds and someone who will spread peace and love. On the other hand, simultaneously the emperor of Jaffar gets a baby who is supposed to possess evil powers and destroy things.

The king of Jaffar orders one of his people name ‘Najumi’ to burn the heart of the baby as he would be of no use to the world as he would be bestowed with evil powers. Najumi, who was a practitioner of evil powers fooled the emperor and presented him the burnt heart of a rabbit instead. He then looks after the child and names him Dajjal and teaches him all evil powers. Consecutively, Najumi realizes that for evil power to rule there must be an end to the nice powers. Hence, he suggests Dajjal to marry the princess of Durgapur named ‘Sunena’ but not by force. Dajjal then approaches Sunena for marriage and faces rejection.

Sunena’s brother ‘Suraj’ in an outrage takes out his sword and shreds Dajjal’s arm as a result of which Dajjal immediately freezes him into a stone. He further says Sunena that his brother would return to normal if she agrees to marry him within seven months. Sunena’s lover asks Hatim to help him out on this matter. Hatim was all set to tie his knot with Jasmine the princess of Paristan, when the emperor of Paristan told Hatim that Paristan was destined to be ruled by an evil emperor. Hence Hatim had to solve seven questions in seven months in order to save Paristan from the evil ruler and bring Sunena’s brother to normal. Hatim travels to various places in search of the answers to the questions and faces a lot of hurdles and finally destroys the evil power of Dajjal and saves everything.