Hindi Tv Serial Hasna Mat

Hasna Mat  Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS

In the year of 2001, Star Plus would telecast a serial by the name of Hasna Mat. It was a critically acclaimed and highly popular show. The show showcases situations that can happen in normal people's life, in a humorous manner. Very renowned and talented artists like Shagufta Ali, Dinesh Hingoo, Kader Khan, Anju Mahendru and Himani Shivpuri played were part of the TV show. All of these actors who have worked in the show have a great body of work behind them, in the case of both films as well as TV shows. All these artists have also won several awards and honors for their work achievements.

The show starts its first episode and introduces us to a very simple yet funny Muslim couple. Shagufta Ali and Kader Khan play the Muslim wife and husband respectively. While Kader Khan plays every day, office going person who gets irritated quickly, Shagufta plays his house-wife who is very innocent, a little dumb and speaks in a funny dialect. In the episode, Kader Khan's character walks down the staircase to have breakfast. A light banter between them follows soon after. Between this banter, Kader Khan's character complains about his wife's cooking and also says that he will find a new wife for himself. His wife laughs his suggestion off.

He then leaves home without having breakfast and tells his wife not to call him and jokes that because of her he had to pay thousands of rupees to the telephone company in the form of the bill. Before leaving, his wife asks him to say 'I love you' but he replies that he will only say 'I love you' to her if she promises to go to her maternal place. Within few hours of him reaching the office, his wife calls him to ask him about his whereabouts and another light banter ensues. He scolds her for calling him and compares her to a crow. He then cuts the phone.

His wife wonders why he called her a raven when he, in fact, had been screaming and acting like a raven himself. The show is full of such light-hearted yet, entertaining moments. Kader Khan, who is a famous actor, filmmaker and a dialogue writer and is also known for acting in over three hundred movies, is also one amongst the many makers of the show. The rest of the cast too, are very experienced and talented professionals. The show managed to make a place in people's heart due to its relatable content and exceptional acting. Due to its humorous and, relatable content the show is still watched by many people through YouTube.